Each official incurs certain charges as a member of the NIAA and SNOA. These fees are listed below on the deductions chart.

All officials working games or events under the auspices of SNOA serve as Independent Contractors with the Association.

Assignments are made by the Crew Chief using Arbiter.

Assignments are earned and are not guaranteed.

All officials are compensated by SNOA and disbursement is made through REFPAY.

All SNOA Officials must sign up for a REFPAY account in order to be compensated for games worked within SNOA. 

Any official having a discrepancy regarding his/her pay should bring the matter to the attention of their Crew Chief immediately. The Crew Chief will research the issue, and if an issue is found, the Crew Chief will report the issue to the SNOA Treasurer. Any official going directly to the SNOA Treasurer will be referred back to their Crew Chief. 

High School game fees for Varsity, J.V. and Freshman (B) level games are established by the NIAA on a year to year basis. Fees for football auxiliary personnel are negotiated separately between SNOA and the Clark County School District (CCSD) as well as some non-CCSD schools that also use SNOA auxiliary personnel.

All youth & recreation game fees are negotiated between the organization that SNOA is supplying officials for and the SNOA Board of Control.

Travel pay is paid to drivers and passengers for out of town games, in accordance with established mileage tables. Latest information from NIAA shows travel is compensated at the rate of $0.545 per mile for the driver and $0.20 per mile for rider(s). The following table shows what is authorized for travel to out of town schools.